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Welcome To Race Across the West


For 16 years, RAW has attracted ultracyclists from around the globe to take on the finest terrain the western USA has to offer. Starting in Oceanside, CA and following the first 845 miles of the RAAM route, winding your way through four states, ending up in the cycling mecca of Durango, CO.


Traveling west to east from the sandy beaches of Oceanside, over the Sierra Mountains and into the scorching Mojave and Sonoran deserts and eventually ending up on the Animas River nestled in the Rocky Mountain town of Durango. The route offers the best of the wild west!

Open to all cyclists wishing to race solo, 2- or 4-person teams.  RAW is one of the longest and most challenging of the domestic RAAM qualifying races and is a sizable challenge in its own right. It is quickly becoming a global race, having had over 10 countries represented.

Becoming a RAW finisher means you have successfully pushed yourself to the upper levels in ultracycling.  Wearing the official finisher’s jersey means you have completed an adventure that few cyclists will ever attain.  RAW will stand on its own as one of the crown jewels of ultracycling…don’t miss your opportunity to shine!

About the Race

Race Across the West (RAW) was started in 2008 to offer a race longer than 500 miles and to help bridge the mileage gap to RAAM. It has since evolved into an epic race in its own right. It is the second longest RAAM qualifier in the USA and draws racers from around the world.


RAW follows the first 845 miles of the RAAM course, from Oceanside, CA to Durango, CO and starts alongside the RAAM solo racers.  Traversing some of the most beautiful country in the west, RAW leaves the beach in Oceanside, climbs the Coastal Range and the drops into the scorching desert.  After crossing the deserts of California and Arizona, racers begin a gradual climb into the mountains surrounding Flagstaff, AZ and eventually into the Rocky Mountains. The race finishes at Fort Lewis College in the cycling mecca of Durango, CO.


There is no other qualifier that crosses four states, offers the diversity in terrain and climate and races alongside the Solo RAAM racers.  RAW is the perfect race to test your mettle or hone your skills for racing RAAM.

2019-06-11 RAW Start Jen Magnuson Photog
2018-06-11 RAAM-RAW Racer Portraits Jen

Who and Why?

Racers from all walks of life step up to take on RAW, from professional cyclists to doctors and computer programmers.  The race field is predominately amateur racers with full time jobs and a lot of passion for the bike.  Racers are men and women, ranging in age from 15 to 75.


The reasons of why take on such a grueling challenge are wide in scope. For many it is not a single reason, but a combination.  Racers desire a true challenge, they want to set a record, and share an experience with a group of friends. RAW is also a unique platform for raising money for charitable causes.


Racers willing to challenge themselves at such an extreme have found that people are fascinated by their devotion to a cause and are more than willing to support that desire. Or, they are using RAW as a testing ground to prepare for Race Across America (RAAM).

Media Exposure

Fans from all over the world follow RAW. They can stay up to date on the web with live GPS tracking, through the bi-weekly RAAM Newsletter, race blogs, social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and traditional mainstream media (television, radio and print). This coverage provides substantial value to both sponsors and charities.

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Race Across the West Staff

RAW is run by a dedicated group of professionals, who also happen to race bicycles. RAW's executive team is led by Fred Boethling, President (2X RAAM finisher) and Rick Boethling, Executive Director and RAW founder. Jeff Magnuson is the Director. Together they bring a strong business and racing background to RAAM and have surrounded themselves with a group of seasoned professionals to make RAW one of the premier endurance races in the world.

Executive Staff


Fred Boethling - President and CEO


Rick Boethling - VP and Executive Director


Jeff Magnuson - Director

Race Staff


Vic Armijo - RAAM Media

Russell Lee - Director of Officials


Peter Moffett - GPS & Route


General Inquires

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