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Race Across The West Logo Usage Guidelines


In order to preserve the coherence of its image and fulfill contractual obligations, the RAW logo must be correctly implemented.



  • You may use the RAW logo on your website provided each Logo links to the Race Across The West website (


RAW Racers:

  • You may use the RAW logo on your promotional and sponsorship materials.

  • You may use the RAW logo on race clothing, crew clothing, or clothing you

  • provide or sell to raise funds provided the clothing also has your team name.

  • You may not give away or sell clothing with just the RAW logo on it.

  • Color and Black and White files are available through the web site.

  • Only use files provided by the Race Across The West and do not alter or redraw the logo.


Main Points

  • The shape of the RAW logo may not be altered, overlapped, overlaid, or obscured.

  • The RAW logo must be clearly separate and distinct from other text and images.

  • The .JPG file formats are meant for digital (on-screen) use only.

  • The .Ai file formats are high resolution vector files meant to be used for screen printing and other digital printing.

  • The logo must always appear against a single color background. This should be white. If the logo is to appear on a background of a different color, please contact us for approval.

Screen Printing Process


1 Color – Black

For black and white only reproduction.

Use on white only background.







2 Colors - Black and Blue

Use with 2 color process.

Use on a light background.

Color Consistency - 

Use the following color schemes for the Blue in the color logo.



C=68 M=34 Y=0 K=0 : R=81 G=145 B=205 : Pantone Coated #279 : WED #5191CD

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