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The following information will help you through the initial registration steps. For more detailed information, please refer to the Race Across the West GEAR Book and Rules. 




Please call your credit card and make sure that they will clear the payment. On occasion credit cards are declined due to daily spending limits or internet charges.

Support Crews

All entries (solos and teams) must race with a support crew of no less than three members, all of whom are eligible, licensed drivers.

Race Divisions are a combination of the following:

  • Racer Category

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Bike Type

Racer Categories are:

  • Solo Racers – one Racer racing the entire distance

  • 2-Person Team – two Racers sharing the entire distance

  • 4-Person Team – up to four Racers sharing the entire distance

*Tandems are considered one “Racer” in this context. One tandem would be in the Solo Tandem category, two tandems would be in the 2-Person Tandem Team category, etc.

Age Categories are as follows:

  • Under 50

  • 50-59

  • 60-69

  • 70-74

  • 75-79

  • 80+ 


Racing Age is the age each Racer will turn during the calendar year of the race (year of race minus birth year).

Solos: Age is the racing age of the Racer.

Teams: Age is the average racing age of all Team members. 

Gender Categories are as follows:

  • Men

  • Women

  • Mixed - indicates there is at least one male and one female member with the exception of Tandem teams which must have an equal (50/50) number of males and females.

Time Allowance (Cut-Offs):

Solos (All Categories) – 92 hours (3 days 20 hours)

Teams – 68 Hours (2 days 20 hours)

Communications from RAAM/RAW Race Management:

RAAM/RAW Race Management will periodically send email to all registered racers and associated support crew members. These emails will include race information, updates or changes, and reminders.  It is important that racers and support crew (especially the Crew Chief) receive these emails, so not to miss critical information.  Please make sure all racers and crew add to their approved email contact list.


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